Evénements passés 2014

imageDes concerts 'Live at the Arcade' et d'autres activités culturelles ont lieu les jeudis et les vendredis de 18h00-22h00. Voir Galerie de photos.

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2014 activités sociales, culturelles et éducatives

26 juin 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: summer closing session - Wide-Open Mic, Pop-up Slots evening...

19 juin 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: pré-Fête de la musique: 15 minutes of fame for singers/songwriters

12 juin 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Guillaume Duran
20h30: Fergus/Aja (TBC)

11 juin 2014, 18h00-22h00:
20h30: Paul Stephenson, CD Launch

5 juin 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Bryan Lynn
20h30: Vic Pits and Xavi

29 mai 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Paul Stephenson
20h30: Stoots Flight 61

22 mai 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Monkberries and Green Flamingoes...

1 mai 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: The Spritz (Remy/Nana): folk, rock, country, pop, with songs by Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan
20h00: Fuzzy Dunlop: a young, exciting, and tight group, playing classic and modern rock

8 mai 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Tony Arnold
20h30: The Bridge with Soraya

15 mai 2014, 18h00-22h00:
20h30: The Rebels of Tijuana in trio format

26 avril 2014poster
10h00-12h00: Les couleurs du Brésil, ateliers pour enfants
12h00-14h00: Découvertes aux aliments brésiliens, ateliers pour enfants
18h00-19h00: Vernissage de l'artiste brésilienne Louisa Monteiro
19h30-20h30: Concert, Kelly Joyce, Davi Rodrigues, Middah Borges and Sergin Motta
20h30-21h30: Zaca Zuli & Sheyla Costa concert "The color of the Joy". Pop-samba rhythm
21h30-22h00: Jam session (merci de vous inscrire)

24 avril 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Lauri Jalanti
20h00: The Emmigrants, an Irish folk band that plays an exciting mix of traditional pub songs, ballads and Irish tunes

17 avril 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Volunteer Party
20h00: Velotones - band / Robin Martini - solo
KJS trio / Des Simpson - solo

10 avril 2014, 18h00-22h00 (poster):
19h30: LudoSophie
20h30: Florebo, music from Ile de la Réunion and featuring "Maloya" and "Sega" rhythms

3 avril 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: El Charro Ortiz, sounds from Mexico

27 mars 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Desmond Simpson
20h30: Cat Deme piano and guitar accompanist

20 mars 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Tom Jack
20h30: 5-Year Theory. Covers of Alternative Rock bands such as: Pearl Jam, Creed, Alter Bridge (former Creed). 5 members but only 4 are actually playing, covering Filipino Rock bands.

13 mars 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Jackson Wahengo is a well-experienced musician from Namibia who has played in many different bands in Namibia and South Africa and at a number of prominent festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival. His music has its very own sense of rhythm expressed in strong harmonies and skillful guitar riffs, typical for southern Africa and yet blended with ultra-contemporary sounds and flavor of jazz, rumba, zouk, reggae and traditional rhythms and song.

6 mars 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h45: Canettes Blues Band

27 février 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Mark Mohr - guitar and voice
founder of the Stoots Flight 61 with a unique acoustic set where mix extracts of texts in French and English of his own composition. Love, humor, derision, reflect in and faith along melodies that impress.
20h30: Tape Trade are Nick, Ken, Mario and Ben. They sound a bit like Rush for Dummies or like Hold Steady with Canadian accents or like "trendy 70's" or like Springsteen. See and hear... 

20 février 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Tony Arnold  classic blues and rock
20h30: The Nearlies  combining guitar, bass and drums, the Nearlies created an evocative world that transports the listener to a moody French café or a Tarantino film. Background in jazz, garage, blues and bossa nova.

13 février 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Bryan Lynn
20h30: Juice Feat exciting, eclectic, electric covers and compositions that are recreated, explored and renewed through the band's musical blender!

6 février 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: The Canettes Blues Band accomplished rhythm'n'bluew from Geneva-based band. Almost-fresh from their summer triumph at Montreux. Voir affiche...

30 janvier 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Paul Stephenson, glittering, melodic, guitar-driven songs from singer-songwriter Paul... Check him out
20h30: Functad as in ‘the Welcome Return of Functad’! Eight people with eight different tastes in music who just wanna have fun – styles include classic rock, blues, contemporary. Some self-penned tunes in the mix too!

23 janvier 2014, 18h00-22h00:
19h30: Pascal Gravante: solo, modern acoustic fingerstyle, steel stringed guitar. Pascal’s influences range from Blues to Jazz, ethnic to Irish and bluegrass and with the ghost of Chet Atkins looking on!
20h30: Clarissa & Mandaçaia: A blend of bossa nova and electric guitars, with the energy of Brazilian rhythm. See video

Etes-vous musicien et souhaitez jouer à l'Arcade? Envoyez-nous un e-mail (avec des liens concernant votre musique) à arcade [at] icvolunteers.org.